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You Would Never Know He Had Any Pain

You Would Never Know He Had Any Pain

I have a Black Lab (Charlie) that is about 12 -1/2 years old. For a lab he is already pushing his time limits. The last year or so have been rough on him as his hips and joints have started to weaken. When we visited the vets office we were told that all we could do for him at this point was to give him an aspirin each day to keep him comfortable. Charlie is still around 100 pounds and that puts a lot of strain on hips getting up and down. About 2 months ago I was at Tractor Supply and came across your formula. I have tried several other types of meds to help him out with no luck but, I wasn’t about to quit. So I purchased a bottle and started giving him a capful each morning when I fed him. After about two weeks I started to notice how much more active he was and wasn’t whimpering like he had been. By the end of the third week you would never know he had any pain! Things were good until about a month ago when I ran out and forgot to get more. Three weeks had passed before I finally remembered to get more and the reason I finally remembered is that I could see Charlie starting to struggle again……..I just came home from Tractor Supply with another bottle and gave him a dose. Hoping he bounces back again quickly. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Matt M.,
Davidsville, PA

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