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We Found Your Liquid-Vet Line & Just About Cried

We Found Your Liquid-Vet Line & Just About Cried

I want to thank you for your liquid supplements. 3 years ago I adopted a rescue dog named Midas. I was at the humane society dropping off donations and just happened to decide to walk through the available dogs, and there he was. I knew the minute I saw his scared sweet eyes I was brining him home.

Midas had a rough life before he was rescued. He was 40 pounds underweight and heartworm positive. He is blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, and only walks on three legs. The fourth leg was mangled when he was a puppy and was never treated according to the vet. His head is a little lopsided on that side and he has many healed rib fractures as well. He also bore many scars that we just will never know what from. In other words he had a face only a mother could love.

When I adopted Midas he had a cough and threw up frequently. After several months it was discovered he has esophagus issues. Midas has to eat upright in a Bailey chair and can only have a liquid slurry. It was so hard to find all the supplements he needs available in a way we can give to him. We found your liquid vet line and just about cried. At our last appointment our vet remarked on how healthy his coat is, and how she is astonished that at 9 years old, a tripod 80 pound dog who has to be on his back legs an hour a day after eating doesn’t have a bit of trouble getting around. We gave all the credit to your supplement. It is without a doubt what keeps our boy healthy happy and comfortable!

Stacey M.

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