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We Are Very Happy

We Are Very Happy

I just bought our 3rd and 4th bottles of your product. We have a 9 month old Rottweiler (Bubba)! As you know, they are very playful and can be prone to hip problems. We saw your product and tried it out because Bubba had the occasional limp. It seemed to really help, so we stocked up. We used to only give it to him for a couple weeks on his food when he showed signs of a limp. Tonight when we gave it to him (it’s been about a month since he’s had it) …he gobbled up all of his food! He hasn’t been eating all of his food like he used to and we attributed it to the flavors of the can food. After today we now know that he LOVES the food if it has your pot roast flavored Joint Holistic on it! So naturally we’ll be giving it to him every day now. We are very happy with your product and will do our part to help keep it on the shelves.

Kimmy S.,
St. Petersburg, FL

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