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Very Satisfied

Very Satisfied
We purchased your product because our Border Collie had sprained her right rear paw and it never really healed as it should have, causing her to favor it. We’ve lessoned her hard activity, which has helped, but also wanted to begin to supplement her body to help her further.

We spent about an hour just reading all the options in pill form, liquid form, chewables, etc. that were made available to us on the shelf. We chose yours because it had a higher dose of the important ingredients, not a lot of fluff ingredients added, could be easily added to Riese’s dog food, as she’s picky, came in two flavors that we could switch back and forth with, and perhaps most of all, because it guaranteed that we’d see results in 2 weeks. The money back guarantee told me, as a consumer, that you believed in your product and were willing to stand behind it. The cost of your product, by the way, was also comparable, if not a tiny bit less than the competitors, which spoke volumes to my wallet.

We marked the calendar. At the two week mark, Riese began to put weight on her foot. At the three week mark, she was walking normally, and at the month mark of giving this supplement to her daily, she was using her foot as she did prior to the injury. Interestingly, over the past couple of weeks, I noticed that she was not full weight bearing again. I asked my husband if he was supplementing her with your product and he informed me that we’d run out a week or two prior and due to many other incidences happening at our home, he’d forgotten to mention it.

We went back out and bought more. I expect she’ll be back to her old self in a week or so. There is no dickering at the store shelf for us any longer over this product, we simply go in, look for yours, switch flavor, and buy. Very satisfied.

– Dee C.

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