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This is Answered Prayer for our Injured, Old Dog!

This is Answered Prayer for our Injured, Old Dog!

I wanted to let you know that we love the Liquid-Vet chicken flavored product. I had tried another powdered supplements for my dog that didn’t help. I saw your product and choose it since it said “guaranteed in 2 weeks.”

Our 12-year-old Australian cattle dog, Sadie, has had a torn ACL in her rear leg for over a year. We were trying a conservative approach to healing but it wasn’t getting better. It was to the point she could barely stand or walk. We had just taken her for a surgical consult and were seriously considering the surgery. It would’ve been months of painful recovery– and she could’ve easily re-torn the healing ligament (if she did any of her normal cattle dog things, like chasing the house cats).

We tried Liquid-Vet supplement during the week we were deliberating about the surgery. To our amazement – within a few days she was standing and walking again (with only a slight limp). We connected the dots and realized it must’ve come from the Liquid-Vet supplement. We made a decision to forego surgery and to continue conservative treatment– with Liquid-Vet being our ace in the hole!

She has a good quality of life now. We don’t let her run much or play frisbee, but she thoroughly enjoys snooting around the house and yard with us. We feel this is answered prayer for our injured, old dog! Thank You!

Debbie S.

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