why liquid-vet?

The first product truly working for Teo!

The first product truly working for Teo!

I purchased Liquid-Vet for my boy, Teo. He is an 8-year-old half Lab/Pit mix. Teo had injured both hind legs trying to chase another dog and in doing so, injured both hind legs that left him unable to walk for an entire week. I have purchased countless products for his hip and joints and none of them worked for him. My husband and I went to Walmart and there I saw your product. It’s been 2 weeks that I have been giving it to him and I have to say, he started walking better. He still limps, but he moves faster and is waking up in a better mood as he hops out of his bed and goes about his business. I wanted to thank you as I have seen a definite improvement. I am going to continue buying your product as it is the first product that is truly working for him.

Jackie D.

Middletown, NY

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