why liquid-vet?

The Difference is Astounding!

The Difference is Astounding!

This is Asia! My spunky Boston Terrier who had lost her spunk before finding Liquid-vet. Asia tore a ligament in her hind leg while running and it never seemed to improve. In turn, Asia’s knee on the same leg would pop in and out of socket causing her extreme pain at times. Not to mention costly vet visits! We were told surgery would be the only option as it was not healing like it should. Surgery is costly and there were no guarantees! I wanted another option! I went to our local pet store and they recommended Liquid-vet! Asia has been on this for 2.5 months and we are now able to do our long walks like once before. I honestly recommend this product for your pet! The difference in my Asia is astounding! Thank you Liquid-vet for helping my girl get her quality of life back! I’m so thankful I found this product!!

Stacey A.,
Oshawa, ON

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