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Thanks For Doing What You Do

Thanks For Doing What You Do

I have 4 dogs. Our Boxer Max, is one of a kind! He is sweet and smart and funny. My husband raised him from a puppy and kept him pretty sheltered. When I came into the picture Max was scared of new things, but being a country girl I had to change that. Max now rides on the ranger and runs around the farm. He learned to swim (lots of sinking at first) and lives for car rides.

A year ago Max started to favor his back leg. When he would go down the stairs he would hold it up and when he went to sit down it was a balancing act on his front legs. He went to the vet but they didn’t see anything really wrong. I was told he probably was suffering from a bone chip or sore joints. He had his good days and bad, but he could no longer jump up on the couch, bed, or tuck without help and a lot of the life had left his eyes.

When we got Khan, the German Shepherd, he was the BEST big brother… SOOO patient! And LOVED to play, but as Khan got older he couldn’t keep up and at only 6 years old, that was too young to act like an old man. We came across your product and bought a bottle hoping for the best. After about 3 weeks Max seemed more active. He has more stamina with the German and wasn’t needing the help he once did getting up on the couch. We are now on our second bottle and Max is a new man. We play ball outside on the concrete and Max jumps up and takes the ball out of my hands! He hasn’t done that for SOOO long! He has given Khan a run for his money! He still favors his back end, but he seems SO much happier and can do SO much more then he used to. Max has always given “hugs”. Quite literally up on his back end with his arms wrapped around your waist or neck. I have missed those so much, but the last two months he has been able to give hugs again, and that alone is enough reason for us to continue buying your products!

Thanks for doing what you do and keep up the good work!

Allison N.,
Jefferson City, Missouri

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