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Thank You For Giving Me My Happy Boy Back

Thank You For Giving Me My Happy Boy Back

I decided to try your product at the recommendation of the pet food store owner. I have a 19 month old Brazilian Mastiff who was diagnosed 3 months ago with severe hip and joint pain. He is a whopping 165lbs – and counting (his name is Sumo) and was having a terrible time walking. I was devastated to see such a young puppy in so much pain. So far he has had one knee repaired and is recovering well. He still has 7 more weeks of post surgery recovery to go, and then it will be time to repair the other knee.

I started adding Liquid-Vet to his food about 2 weeks ago and I cannot believe the improvement!! He is limping less and has gained back some of his puppy playfulness! I have definitely decided to make Liquid-Vet part of his daily regiment. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and giving me my happy boy back!

Lisa Y.
Kelowna, BC

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