why liquid-vet?


“Mia has always been an energetic playful dog being part collie; people were usually surprised when asking how old she was to hear she’s 9 years old. It was about a year ago that I noticed her age start to catch up to her. It started with a light limp in her front right leg when she’d get up from a nap, which would go away after she walked around for a bit. I could tell it was the start of arthritis and I watched the limping slowly get worse. 

A friend of mine who has senior dogs suggested a glucosamine supplement so I found your product at my usual pet store, Pet Valu, and we gave it a shot. We began in November and I am now amazed to see her walking COMPLETELY limp free! Mia is the best dog anybody could ever hope for, she has made my life infinitely better and I will do whatever it takes to keep her happy. Your product has added more time to her active life, thank you for creating something that has become a vital new part to our long life together!” – Jessie and MIA D.

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