why liquid-vet?


I purchased Liquid-Vet Joint Wellness for my 9 year old senior Italian Greyhound. He was diagnosed with a slipped disc this year and he seems to grumble a lot more than he has in the past years (I’m sure it has a lot to do with age). Iggy’s are known for their running but they’re also pretty big couch potatoes. I wanted to try a product for joint wellness to see if it would help as I know Ty is getting older and could probably benefit. I went to the grocery store and found your product and figured I would give it a try. Well I will tell you, I am needing to already purchase another bottle. I figured you deserve to know that I am very happy with your product. My Iggy has had energy like he hasn’t had in years. Sometimes he moves so fast I have to tell him to calm down because just because he is feeling good doesn’t mean he can’t slip another disc or something of the sorts, LOL. Anyway, thank you and your family for a great product, seriously. Thank you for being a small business. During a pandemic we all have to support each other. I like the idea of a small business and I like that it’s an American Made product.

-Miranda G.

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