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We Love Liquid-Vet!

Destiny will be on Liquid-Vet for as long as she is still with me. She was stiff and could hardly get up after laying down for awhile. Now she bounces around like she is 2 again. We love Liquid-Vet! Tammy S., Marshalltown, IA

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It is Truly a Lifesaver

I have a 10 month old dog that is already having joint issues. My vet recommended putting him on a joint supplement to help him out. I tried countless products ranging from chews to pills & nothing seemed to help. We thought that our poor guy would need surgery already at such a young age. I …

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It Worked!!!!

Hi, I purchased my first bottle of Liquid-Vet for my dog, “Tebow” he is a 9 yr old Cardigan Corgi, who had back surgery 2 yrs ago. I was trying to find something that would help him feel good again, and get him to move, and act as he did when he was younger. I found your product, …

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This is a God Send

I bought Liquid-Vet online a few weeks ago for my older Westie. She was limping and had trouble getting up. Her vet gave her joint medicine and it helped but after she was done with that her limp came back. I started her on Liquid-Vet and I noticed results the first week! It has now been about four …

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