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Such a Healthy Cat

We have a 14 year old cat. He was limping and rarely played or jumped up – we had to lift him into his bed etc. Now he is so full of energy, he races me up the stairs and is as playful and snuggly as he was when he was young. The vet said he has not seen …

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No Xrays Needed

Last visit to the vet for an ear cleaning, the vet suggested my big boy may have the start of arthritis in his hips. I thought I would look into a joint supplement and found Liquid-Vet. Romeo is doing so much better now. Liquid-Vet also saved me money in vet fees; no xrays needed for …

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Amazing. Easy.

In January, my husband and I rescued a 3 year old German Shepherd who was abused by the previous owner. When we brought Ralphie home, he was not able to walk without falling over, run, or jump. We took Ralphie to the vet and the vet said we had the option to do hip surgery …

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Happy Again

I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I really like your product. We have a 4yr old Chocolate Lab and last year we took her in to the vet because she could hardly walk. The vet obviously gave us meds and pills and stuff but who can really afford to keep …

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At My Vet’s Suggestion I Bought Your Liquid-Vet

I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality and effectiveness of your product. My 10 year old Golden Retriever was starting to feel the effects of her age. At my vet’s suggestion I bought your Liquid-Vet. Not only does she love it but with the first bottle I …

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Finds Liquid-Vet Tolerable in His Food

My dog Rascal, who is nearing 15 years old, has been very active his entire life. Within the last 6 months we noticed him being very achy when rising and looked for solutions that were not pain killers. I tried some vet prescribed chewables… and he could detect right away the addition to his food …

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Extremely Easy to Administer

Liquid-Vet Dog and Feline Joint Formulas provide nearly 3x the therapeutic doses of the active ingredients and have very few inactives and artificial ingredients. Plus, our patients like the fact that these formulas are extremely easy to administer. Dr. Kimberly, DVM, Four Paws Veterinary Hospital Leading Integrative Veterinary Practice

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