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Looks Forward to the Meals

Chloe loves the stuff! Looks forward to her meals every night. She cries very obnoxiously till we give it to her and digs right in. I ran out so last night’s was without and she keeps looking at me this morning wondering why the heck I didn’t add it because clearly I must have forgotten last night …

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She Licks Her Bowl Clean!

My 13-year-old Chow mix Lola has joint pain so I researched a supplement to give her, along with the medication that her Vet recommended. I found the ingredients of Liquid-Vet to be excellent and exactly what I was told to look for. I also like the fact that it is made in the USA. I ordered a …

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She Can Now Walk on All Four Legs

Less than two years ago, I rescued a pitbull. She was on death row in NY city and I was sitting on a beach in Maryland. I came across her picture on Facebook & could not let her be destroyed. It has been a very expensive journey with Kona, I call her my “million dollar puppy.” She …

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