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I went on an 18 day trip out west and my dog didn’t do well while I was gone. The person taking care of my dog didn’t give the Liquid-Vet Hip and Joint Support the full time, just some chews. The second day after I got back, she wasn’t able to get her hind legs …

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Looking & Feeling Great!

I would encourage anyone out there to try Liquid Vet by COOL PET Holistics. My senior lady Artemis, (chow/shep mix) was starting to have some ‘hip’ issues so I started looking…. We were displaced from home due to Hurricane Irma, and it really took a toll on Artemis. BUT, after a couple of days on …

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Use it On a Regular Basis

We are on about our third bottle of Liquid-Vet and this is the first time I have had a chance to write you our feedback. It has been going well. We have a large shepherd mix. She is only six but she gets stiff from time to time and had a soft tissue injury so …

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No Tablets or Messy Powder to Deal With

“Radar” is 10 years old and has been on Liquid-Vet for a few months now. She seems to have an easier time getting up from laying down and most days she does better with going up the stairs. She gets the “Pot Roast” flavoured formula on her food every morning and laps it up. It …

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Great, Affordable Product

I just wanted you to know that Liquid-Vet has worked amazingly well on my 17 yr old Australian Shepherd. She’s up on the sofa for the first time in 4-5 years, about a month after starting. ‘Burying’ her bone behind the cushions used to be a daily occurrence for her most of her life, so …

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Done Him Good

My 11 yr old German Shepherd was showing occasional stiffness and Liquid-Vet has really done him good. Thank you! Richard Tampa FL

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Clearly More Confident in Her Hips

We got our eight year old Shepherd Dakota from the local shepherd rescue outfit at two years old. She had great spirit but it took her a while to stand up. I believe she had been continually kept in a crate. She was a mess. It took me two years to get her strong enough …

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He Eats It – No Problem

I have a Shepard Lab cross who is almost 13 years old. The first year of his life he was abused by his then owners. He came to us at 1 year old and grew into a beautiful 90 lb boy. Unfortunately the treatment he received the first year of his life really affected the …

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