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Such a Healthy Cat

We have a 14 year old cat. He was limping and rarely played or jumped up – we had to lift him into his bed etc. Now he is so full of energy, he races me up the stairs and is as playful and snuggly as he was when he was young. The vet said he has not seen …

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Thank You For Liquid-Vet!

“We have been feeding Kidney Support Liquid-Vet to our three cats for nearly a year now and I want to thank you for this product. Two of our cats are seniors and the little one is getting close to being a senior. They are healthy outdoor/indoor cats. Their good health I believe is in part …

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Thank Goodness for the Chicken Flavor!

“We purchased the Kidney and Bladder supplement for our 18 year old cat, Miki, and it has done wonders for her. The Liquid-Vet formula is the only one that Miki will consume – thank goodness for the chicken flavor! We will definitely be purchasing another bottle soon. Thank you for all that you do.” – …

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We’re on the second bottle with our aging female cats, one is 20 and the other is 16. The 16 year old I think she was born with a hip problem. We’ve have had her on another product, but it had only minor benefits and was expensive. SO, I thought I’d try your product, nothing …

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Running Around Like a Kitten

Here is a picture of my cat Sassy Lou, she is going on 12 years old this June. Before she was on Liquid-Vet she was limping one day so bad that she was crying, that was the first day that she started limping. I went out to Theisen’s & got a bottle of Liquid-Vet & …

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