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We’re on the second bottle with our aging female cats, one is 20 and the other is 16. The 16 year old I think she was born with a hip problem. We’ve have had her on another product, but it had only minor benefits and was expensive. SO, I thought I’d try your product, nothing …

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The Results Speak for Themselves

Since I started my dog on your joint product about 2 weeks ago. he is doing fantastic. The results speak for themselves. He is 12 years old and is moving around just as good as the 9 month old puppy I have. Thank you so much for what you have created. I can assure you I will be buying …

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I Still Can’t Believe It!

I rarely give feedback on products I use, but I had to share Stewart’s story. We adopted him from the local shelter about four years ago. Over this time, his hips became so lame that he was literally crawling across the kitchen floor to go out side. We even resorted to putting him a small …

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This is Shadow. As you can see, he is a big black lab. As he has approached 10 years of age, his size has been a challenge for him with his hip joints and general stiffness. We have tried a couple of different supplements with him with not much success. Because we take liquid vitamins …

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Like a Puppy

Bruiser was dragging his legs when stepping up on the curb or coming across the treshold of the back or front door. The pet store suggested Liquid-Vet. The results were noticeable in 2 days! He hops up like a puppy. Paula H., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Healing Well

Our dog Spencer had recently had surgery on his injured hind knee. We had heard some good things about Liquid-Vet Holistic Dog Joint Formula and was further recommended to use it to assist in his rehabilitation. We have seen great results. Along with his rehab exercises, Spencer’s knee is healing well. Rudy M., BC, Canada

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High Hopes For the Joint Juice

Our Dog is named “Uncle Joe,” on account he’s moving kinda slow. He is a large German Shepard mix, (130lbs). We have not had the product in use long enough to really see any confirmed results as we have only used two 8 oz trial size bottles. However it seems to help & we have …

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Minimal ‘Extra’ Ingredients

We have two small dogs (a Westie and a Cairn x Westie) that are getting older and I initially tried them with another established product for their joints but something in it makes one of the dogs sick. I tried another product and the Westie got itchy skin so had an allergy to an ingredient. …

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This is a God Send

I bought Liquid-Vet online a few weeks ago for my older Westie. She was limping and had trouble getting up. Her vet gave her joint medicine and it helped but after she was done with that her limp came back. I started her on Liquid-Vet and I noticed results the first week! It has now been about four …

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