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Affordable Product!

I have giving Liquid-Vet to my personal dogs as well as the dogs we bring into rescue. There have not been any dramatic changes, however my old boy is able to run longer without his limp. That’s HUGE! We also see many dogs come into our rescue with skin, allergies, bad joints, etc. We have …

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The Liquid is a Blessing

I have a very elderly greyhound (rescue) that has been on your product for a little more than 60 days and I can say without a doubt that it’s helped with the stiffness and resulting immobility in her hips. In the past I struggled with pills including chewables- that she wouldn’t chew-so the liquid is …

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Laps it Up Like It’s Ice Cream!

My Shih Tzu’s name is Miss Priss. She is 16.5 years old. I purchased the Liquid-Vet at my local pet store. Great product… I tried dozens of supplement pills and could not even trick Priss into eating them…. and Miss Priss is a rescue and eats everything. I have to keep her on a diet even at …

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Off and Running

Since we started using this product during the past year, we have noticed that 11 or 12-year-old rescued Siberian Husky, Ranger is jumping off the bed really well! Before using this product, he jumped off the bed, but his rear legs collapsed as soon as they hit the floor. Now, he is off and running …

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I Am Your Biggest Fan!

Your product is AMAZING! Brody is a 130lb mixed breed who was rescued, as a pup, in Hawaii. No matter what, he cried when he got up. He slept most of the time, as anything else was too painful. I was worried that he would not be with me too much longer, as his hips …

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