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I Use Your Product On Every Single Foster

I foster abused Yorkies and most are older with joint problems, so I use your product on every single one! Plus, it’s affordable for me since I foster so many. This little girl is 10/11 years old. Her hips were so painful she would rather be carried. Now after only 8 weeks on Liquid-Vet, she runs through the …

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The Rescue Where I Volunteer Now Use It Too

“My Malamute has mild hip stiffness. We thought we were going to have to put him to sleep. Then, I tried Liquid-Vet. It’s a miracle and answer to prayer to find Liquid-Vet. I tell everyone. The rescue where I volunteer also now use it too. My boy, Ares, has become a picky eater, but he …

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Amazing. Easy.

In January, my husband and I rescued a 3 year old German Shepherd who was abused by the previous owner. When we brought Ralphie home, he was not able to walk without falling over, run, or jump. We took Ralphie to the vet and the vet said we had the option to do hip surgery …

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We Found Your Liquid-Vet Line & Just About Cried

I want to thank you for your liquid supplements. 3 years ago I adopted a rescue dog named Midas. I was at the humane society dropping off donations and just happened to decide to walk through the available dogs, and there he was. I knew the minute I saw his scared sweet eyes I was …

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Liquid-Vet Is Easier on His Stomach

My dog’s name is Hunter and he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is about 10 years old and has some hip issues. We have seen an improvement over the past few months since using your product. We have tried other products which seem to upset his stomach causing him to throw up. Liquid-Vet is easier …

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Liquid-Vet In My Food Bowl Helps Me Feel Good

Hello, my name is Kianna and I am 13 1/2 years old. Tanya rescued me from a shelter!! At that time I was one and a half approximately. I was 20 pounds underweight and through the years my joints have gotten bad and now I’m overweight. I ache a lot in the evening so I …

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