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Makes Me Feel Good as His Mommy Puppy

It was suggested by the local pet boutique here in Petawawa that I give Liquid-Vet a try for one of my three Golden Retrievers who is showing signs of stiffness in his right hip. As a nurse I am skeptical of products claiming to make differences in pets or humans that has not been scientifically proven …

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Rosco’s Bones & Joints Thank You

Rosco’s old bones and joints thank you for this incredible product. At 10 years old he is moving more smoothly than in the past. It is nice that the Liquid-Vet has provided Rosco with relief that prescription medicine from the veterinarian was able to do but at a high price to Rosco physically and me …

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This is Gracie. She is an 18 yo full figured girl. Until a month ago Gracie was having difficulty walking and climbing stairs. She was obviously is some pain and was licking all the fur off her front and hind legs as well as her hips. In an attempt to give her some relief I …

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