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Marshall is More Comfortable

Thank you for helping my pug Marshall. He is 13 years old with worsening mobility. The vet prescribed an expensive medication with blood work every 3 months. As Marshall is already blind and deaf, I wanted to preserve his organ function and purchased your product. I am now on the second bottle and I do think that Marshall …

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Much Happier

I am on my 4th bottle of Liquid-Vet. My two older pugs had developed joint problems making walking painful. Before half the first bottle was used they were walking great again and were much happier. Added to their once a day meal, they love it. Thank you very very much for a great product. David …

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An Affordable and Quality Product

We are new to your product. We mainly got it to help our 14-year-old Pug who has been suffering from stiffness in his hips. Seeing how it has maintained his stiffness in the coarse of a few weeks time we now give it to our other dogs as preventive maintenance. A Husky and a 120lb …

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