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Much More Active

My Pit is only 2 years old and has been stiff in his hips. Half way through his first bottle of the Hip and Joint support you could tell he felt better and was much more active. We will definitely keep buying your product from Tractor Supply! I used to work there and tried a …

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Really Like the Liquid

Really like the liquid. Makes it easy to administer and she really likes the chicken flavor. Kimberly O., North Chesterfield, VA

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Dallas is Back!

“I live in Hawaii with my wife and two kids and 5 dogs. I’ve used numerous different types of products. Liquid-Vet is by far the most effective. One of my dogs, Dallas is a 13 year old Pitbull that had a very active youth. When Dallas was young we would take him to the beach …

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She Can Now Walk on All Four Legs

Less than two years ago, I rescued a pitbull. She was on death row in NY city and I was sitting on a beach in Maryland. I came across her picture on Facebook & could not let her be destroyed. It has been a very expensive journey with Kona, I call her my “million dollar puppy.” She …

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I Have Really Been Able to See the Difference

As you can see he adores his Jolly Ball! It would be a sad day at our house if he wasn’t able to run after it! Before he came to live with us he spent lots of time cooped up in a kennel and had trouble with his hips. I have really been able to …

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