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Your Product is the Answer

I was pleasantly surprised to find your note and contact information inside my first bottle of your product I think this certainly made me feel confident switching from the brand I was purchasing from our local Vet to try your product when I saw that you personally left your stamp on a product that you stand behind …

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It’s Easy to Use

I have recently tried this new product, I have a young pit bull, American bulldog mix that has hip pain. I am already seeing how it’s making him feel better. I have 5 dogs so they all are now taking this. It’s easy to use. I would recommend this product for all dog breeds. Carolyn …

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So Impressed With the Product

Molly is my 11 year old (almost 12 now) American Pit Bull Terrier. Last fall, Molly had an injury to her spine and wasn’t able to move around as well as she used to or jump up on the couch/bed. A co-worker recommended this product to me and I figured “why not?” I did not expect it to …

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