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Back to Being Her Old Self

I am on my second bottle of Liquid-Vet. I have an older TNW horse that is an easy keeper and went through a case of founder. I used your Liquid-Vet, put her on a diet and after a week and a half she was back to being her old self. Stefan L., Fort Polk, LA

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Her Golden Years Are Enhanced

Our family pet it a very loved 10 year old Golden Retriever. Since we have been adding a cap of this ‘gravy ‘ as she knows it to her dinner, I really feel her coat has got very shinny and soft . Not sure if that’s possible from this product but I believe it does …

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BUY IT You Won’t Regret It

My boy Zach had a hip/leg injury when he was young. I adopted him when he was 3 yrs old and always was slow getting up and started after laying for a while. He got to where he would jump or run when playing. I started the awesome Liquid-Vet chicken flavor about a year ago, …

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