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We’ve Come a Long Way in a Short Time

I have just re-purchased my 3rd bottle of your Liquid-Vet and I want to say whole heartedly…thank you! Until I found your product, I was devastated at the thought of putting down my Blue Heeler dog. Our walks had been reduced to a snails pace, with him really having no energy, mobility, or the desire to even …

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Liquid-Vet Has Given Him New Life

Thank You SO much for your wonderful product! Chilli has been on your product for the past two months and I believe it has given him a new life! I have told a lot of my friends about your product. They are all thrilled with it. I pray your product will continue to be brought …

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Chasing Squirrels Again

Currently own 2 Weimaraners (8 & 9 yrs old) and have 1 (13+ yrs old) in Foster Care. The foster came to me in such tough shape it was one of those decisions we never want to make. My local pet store recommended your product. Within a week she was not only standing without falling …

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Enjoys Daily Walks Without Stopping

We have 2 Golden Retrievers (ages 7 and 9). Our older one (Morgan) was having an increasingly hard time going for his daily walks without stopping several times. We have tried many supplements over the years but never really found one that seemed to work. My friend told me about Liquid-Vet and we placed our first …

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Acting Like Dogs Half Their Age

I want to take a moment to tell everyone about a wonderful product that truly does just what the company says it will do. I first ran into the Liquid-Vet product line at my local grocery store and I thought it would be worth a try as the company was offering a money back guarantee if it …

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Thank You For a Great Product

I have an 8 year old yellow Lab that would not jump or hardly get up and play at all. I am in the pet food business and in stores delivering our products regularly. The owners of a local store highly recommended your product to me and offered a guarantee on a trial size bottle. I …

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Impressed with The Product

I contacted my vet and was advised it was safe to give Liquid-Vet to Scuba. I must say I’m already impressed with the product as we were outside tonight brushing him and he dropped his ball at my feet which he has not done in quite a few months. We played ball for a few minutes until …

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