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Still Has the Desire for “Puppy Play”

Riko, a retired search and rescue and therapy dog has been on Liquid-Vet for several months. Now 12 years old, he still has the desire for “puppy play.” Liquid-Vet helps him maintain his mobility and strength. – Linda H., Mansfield, OH

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I Wish You Had the Same Formula For Me

I’ve almost completed a bottle of your formula for my 10 year old Border Collie mix working therapy dog and I’m happy to report that it has helped him a great deal. We do 17 facility visits per month so that’s a lot of walking and he was beginning to drag down, but now he …

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It’s the Best She’s Ever Felt

Have just tried Minnie on Liquid-Vet and its the best thing I ever did for her. Minnie has had mobility issues since a young age due to an incident before we adopted her. She’s been on that for 3 weeks now and runs around like a kitten. I’m sure it’s the best she’s ever felt for most of her …

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We Are Very Pleased With His Overall Health & Mobility

We have gone through two bottles of Liquid-Vet with our 10 year old Basset Hound, Hank. The liquid makes it so easy to give. He will eat anything that he is not supposed to eat. We have a farm and he eats cow feed, etc., but try to get him to eat a chewable, forget it. We give …

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We’ve Come a Long Way in a Short Time

I have just re-purchased my 3rd bottle of your Liquid-Vet and I want to say whole heartedly…thank you! Until I found your product, I was devastated at the thought of putting down my Blue Heeler dog. Our walks had been reduced to a snails pace, with him really having no energy, mobility, or the desire to even …

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Done Wonders For His Mobility

We have been using your product for our 11 yr old German Shepard for some time now. He has an arthritic left foreleg and your product has done wonders for his mobility. Just a note to say thank you. Russell H., Cobourg, ON

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High Hopes For the Joint Juice

Our Dog is named “Uncle Joe,” on account he’s moving kinda slow. He is a large German Shepard mix, (130lbs). We have not had the product in use long enough to really see any confirmed results as we have only used two 8 oz trial size bottles. However it seems to help & we have …

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She Acts Like She’s 5 Years Old Instead Of 10

I am writing to tell you how great your product is, it’s awesome and my dogs love it. I can see their mobility maintaining and they love the taste of it too! Dazey always looks forward to her walks now that I am using Liquid-Vet. I no longer hear her groan when she lays down, she loves …

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It Is Convenient When Traveling

Brady’s muscles were stiff and he was having difficulty getting up from lying down especially after walking and running. Liquid-Vet helps him after exercise and his muscles are not as stiff allowing him better mobility. It is convenient when traveling to take along in our cooler. Thank you for this product! Rebecca B. Canada

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