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She Loves It

My dog, Lucy hurt her knee about a year ago. I have tried pills, chews, treats – she was convinced I was trying to poison her. So I saw your product and decided to give it a try. She loves it. She actually eats all her food and seems excited to have it. Thank you for …

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You have come up with the most WONDERFUL product. My baby girl Nugget is a 13 year old pound puppy. When I got her from the pound she was a year old and had recovered from a broken leg. She has been my companion for all these years. About a year ago she started having …

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We’ve Come a Long Way in a Short Time

I have just re-purchased my 3rd bottle of your Liquid-Vet and I want to say whole heartedly…thank you! Until I found your product, I was devastated at the thought of putting down my Blue Heeler dog. Our walks had been reduced to a snails pace, with him really having no energy, mobility, or the desire to even …

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Made Our Lives so Much Easier

I am so glad that I switched to your brand. My dog has been forced to take medicine for years and has fought me every night. She hates the chewables, the pills and whatever – she can smell it in her food and won’t eat for a couple of days so we had to force it …

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We Love Liquid-Vet!

Destiny will be on Liquid-Vet for as long as she is still with me. She was stiff and could hardly get up after laying down for awhile. Now she bounces around like she is 2 again. We love Liquid-Vet! Tammy S., Marshalltown, IA

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He Loves the Taste!

Moose is our 10 year old Irish Setter and not only does he get up and down better since we started giving him Liquid-Vet Holistics Dog Joint Formula, he eats better because he loves the taste! Harley is our younger mixed terrier and we give it to him simply because he is so active. This product is …

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Love How it Comes in Two Flavors

I have an English Mastiff puppy & he seems to love your product! Love how it comes in two flavors! We haven’t noticed any problems with Chaos. Natasha T. Pembroke, ON

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