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Running Around Like a Kitten

Here is a picture of my cat Sassy Lou, she is going on 12 years old this June. Before she was on Liquid-Vet she was limping one day so bad that she was crying, that was the first day that she started limping. I went out to Theisen’s & got a bottle of Liquid-Vet & …

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It’s the Best She’s Ever Felt

Have just tried Minnie on Liquid-Vet and its the best thing I ever did for her. Minnie has had mobility issues since a young age due to an incident before we adopted her. She’s been on that for 3 weeks now and runs around like a kitten. I’m sure it’s the best she’s ever felt for most of her …

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Playing Like a Kitten

About 2 yrs. ago Smokey started to limp off and on. I eventually took him to our vet who prescribed medication. When I got home and read what it does I decided to go the holistic route. My sister in law told me about a pet store and they sold me your product and he became …

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