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Got Liquid-Vet Holistic Kidney formula for my two cats and sure seems to be helping! We have lost previous pets due to this tragic condition, so to prevent it from happening again, we started our two cats Willie and Wu on this! They love it and no medicine challenges! Amazing! Thomas Excelsior, MN

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Love This Product

My Italian Mastiff, Roxxy had surgery on her left knee about a year ago. Sure enough, Roxxy started limping 2 months ago and I said what am I going to do? The first surgery cost $6000.00 and there was no way I could fund another. On walks the clicking sound coming from Roxxy’s right leg …

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Even My Cats Sneak Into the Dog Food

I have purchased both flavors of this formula now for my dogs, one of which has bad shoulders and hips. Never have I had luck with pills that actually did what the claims said on the bottle until I discovered Liquid-Vet. In fact, I called the CEO directly to tell him the difference this has …

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More Pep in Her Step

My dog Shelby has occasional joint stiffness from years of playing really hard. As she’s gotten older, it’s become way too difficult for her to play frisbee or ball in the yard. We’ve tried similar pills & supplements, but she always refused to eat it unless I crushed & hid it in food or treats. We also never …

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