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Wags Her Tail Again

I was excited to find such a wonderful product on the shelves in my local store. This Liquid-Vet formula has worked wonders for my dear old friend. I can tell she is more mobile now and actually wags her tail again from time to time. I could tell she was in pain from her joints …

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His Vet Approves

Since discovering Liquid-Vet, my lil boy, Chopper, has been so much happier. He’s approaching 10 years of age and this has helped with his discomfort in his joints as he gets older. I approve, his vet approves, and we are continuing to purchase so he can reap the benefits. Michelle S., Greenville, SC

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I Love Your Liquid-Vet Product

I love your Liquid-Vet product. I have an eight year old Lab who has lots of allergies since he was little and his joints get very stiff. I found that giving him Liquid-Vet has put a prance back into his step. He has been taking this for almost a year and I am really happy …

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Affordable Product!

I have giving Liquid-Vet to my personal dogs as well as the dogs we bring into rescue. There have not been any dramatic changes, however my old boy is able to run longer without his limp. That’s HUGE! We also see many dogs come into our rescue with skin, allergies, bad joints, etc. We have …

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It Was What He Needed For His Joints

I purchased a bottle of your Liquid-Vet for my Pekingese who had been limping on his front leg for about a month. He is a rescue so not sure of his age. I started him on your Liquid-Vet and in about a week I noticed he was not limping anymore. So I think it was …

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Able to Get Up and Move

We just recently started using Liquid-Vet with our 13+ year old German Shepherd. This winter the cold has been very rough on him and his joints and “old” bones. The Liquid-Vet seems to have had a positive impact. It is really nice to see him able to get up and move around again. Thanks for …

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Seeing Toby’s Mobility Being Supported

Toby, my 10 year old Lab mix has been taking Liquid-Vet Joint for a year. Toby had been experiencing problems sitting up from lying down and jumping up onto his bed. Although the progress has been slow, Toby is definitely showing ease in accomplishing the feats that have always been so easy for him. Including, …

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