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No Pills!

We purchased your Liquid-Vet (Pot Roast) from our local pet store as we have a 10 year Bichon (Winston) who is showing joint pain. Winston has a 3 year old brother and the pair are in-seperable. They are extremely special to us and we would do anything to give him the best life possible…. We fed …

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Easy to Give to the Dogs

We have bought a second bottle of your product and will most definitely continue to encourage you. I have two dogs, both females, both 10 years old and both have joint problems, (hence why we started using your product). I love that fact that it is liquid…it makes it easy for us to give to …

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I Found it to be Effective

I have used two bottles of Liquid-Vet Joint and on my third bottle for my seven year old Lab. Last year the vet said that she should get an operation on her back leg and hip which was to cost $4,000.00 plus because when she layed down she had a hard time getting up until …

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It Is So Easy

I’ve had my dog (Sandy) on this for 2 months now. I don’t want her to skip a day. This product maintains her joint pain a lot. Some days are better than others but that’s how arthritis is. It is so easy adding a capful to her dinner every night and she likes it! She takes other meds …

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Very Happy with the Results

We have been using Liquid-Vet Joint for about 6 months now. We have noticed our 7 year old large, mixed breed dog Diego’s joint pain being maintained. He had surgery on his knee at 10 months old, and has pain in both knees and hips. As he ages we have had to scale back the …

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Easy To Give And Works Well

We have noticed about 2 or 3 months ago that our 10 year old Yorkies were having joint problems. We started your Liquid-Vet Joint product and noticed their joint pain was maintained after 8 days. Your product was easy to give and works well in their food. Thomas S., Wilmington, NC

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Still Looks Forward to His Walks

I’ve been using Liquid-Vet for a few months now on my 11 year-old lab mix. He’s been suffering from joint pain for a few years now. He was on another medicine however, I had to take him off it because it damaged his kidneys. His joint pain became very bad and was so sad watching him …

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I Am Going to Start Giving Liquid-Vet to All of Them

My labradoodle Rose is eight years old. I knew down the road that there would joint problems. I have five dogs and by watching my clan run up north I could see her running very stiff legged. After giving her Liquid-Vet for nearly a month, what a fantastic product! She is much looser and she …

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She Was Better In No Time!

Marty was diagnosed with a calcified spine. She was in so much pain, she couldn’t jump up to the sofa. Even when she went outside to do her business she would yelp in pain. I had put her on prescription drugs and that seemed to be ok but caused other side effects. So I came across …

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