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Thank You For Helping Her

A month or two ago, I bought a bottle of your Liquid-Vet for dogs. My dog, Brook, is a 12 year old German Shepherd Husky cross. She has been suffering with stiffness in all of her legs (hips, knees, and wrists) for quite a while now. She pants constantly because she is in pain. Since we …

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An Affordable and Quality Product

We are new to your product. We mainly got it to help our 14-year-old Pug who has been suffering from stiffness in his hips. Seeing how it has maintained his stiffness in the coarse of a few weeks time we now give it to our other dogs as preventive maintenance. A Husky and a 120lb …

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A Long Healthy Life

Sampson is our senior dog…He is a 9 year old yellow Lab/Bullmasiff. Since he has been taking his Liquid-Vet Joint he has more energy, wants to play, and his coat is beautiful & shiny. We walk between 3-5 Kms per day….loving it. And Charli our little 3 year old 45 lb Husky/Collie mix. He is …

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Rusty Has Been Able To Run More

I would just like to state that since using Liquid-Vet Joint, my dog, Rusty’s, mobility seems to have increased. Prior to using Liquid-Vet, I used pills. The pills did work. Rusty is now 13yrs old. Since using Liquid-Vet, Rusty has been able to run more than before and once in awhile will jump up on me. Even other …

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Off and Running

Since we started using this product during the past year, we have noticed that 11 or 12-year-old rescued Siberian Husky, Ranger is jumping off the bed really well! Before using this product, he jumped off the bed, but his rear legs collapsed as soon as they hit the floor. Now, he is off and running …

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Thank You For This Product

Thank you for making this product. It has been a big help to get my dog to eat her food better. Also its awesome that it is good for her instead of meat grease or fat from our food. Thank you for this product and please keep it coming. Ben N. Leavenworth, Kansas

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She Now Runs Like The Wind

Our Husky-cross, Bonnie-Belle, was born with an in-complete back hip socket. She started taking Liquid-Vet at 5 months of age and it has been her only daily meds ever since. At 20 months old she now runs like the wind and can keep up with any dog at the dog park. Deborah L. Kelowna, BC

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