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Thank You For Liquid-Vet!

“We have been feeding Kidney Support Liquid-Vet to our three cats for nearly a year now and I want to thank you for this product. Two of our cats are seniors and the little one is getting close to being a senior. They are healthy outdoor/indoor cats. Their good health I believe is in part …

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Best Stuff Ever!

I’m not one that raves about products but I have to say this is by far the best stuff ever! I have worked in the animal field all my life at shelters, my own dog training business, now been asked to run a training program etc. I know dogs every well and about their health. …

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We Are Very Pleased With His Overall Health & Mobility

We have gone through two bottles of Liquid-Vet with our 10 year old Basset Hound, Hank. The liquid makes it so easy to give. He will eat anything that he is not supposed to eat. We have a farm and he eats cow feed, etc., but try to get him to eat a chewable, forget it. We give …

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