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I went on an 18 day trip out west and my dog didn’t do well while I was gone. The person taking care of my dog didn’t give the Liquid-Vet Hip and Joint Support the full time, just some chews. The second day after I got back, she wasn’t able to get her hind legs …

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Liquid Form is Wonderful

Just want to say thank you for you product. It’s a winner in our home because we cant get the girls to take pills or chew any meds. Because they are greedy little girls, they don’t miss meals so this liquid form is wonderful. Thank you. – Carmel M.

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Really Like the Liquid

Really like the liquid. Makes it easy to administer and she really likes the chicken flavor. Kimberly O., North Chesterfield, VA

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Will Continue to Buy

Truffle seems to be better than she was. Her back and tail are much better. Her tail is back to going straight up instead of dragging. I will continue to buy Liquid-Vet for her. Gail R., NS, Canada

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Olivia’s Story Will Make a Believer Out of You

While on vacation, Olivia wasn’t given her Hip & Joint Support by her sitter. We noticed she was having difficulty walking, going up steps, and getting up on her bed. When we found out she didn’t have her Hip & Joint Support, right away we started her back on it. For 7 days we gave …

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Dallas is Back!

“I live in Hawaii with my wife and two kids and 5 dogs. I’ve used numerous different types of products. Liquid-Vet is by far the most effective. One of my dogs, Dallas is a 13 year old Pitbull that had a very active youth. When Dallas was young we would take him to the beach …

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Liquid-Vet Is Worth Every Penny

We have a 13-year old Shih-Tzu named Elmo. About 9 months ago, he started to limp when getting up from a nap and he avoided steps and jumping. He stopped greeting us at the door because he was so stiff. I tried a variety of treatments and none seemed to have any effect. I pretty …

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