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She is Much Skippier And Has Her Bounce Back

Our little 9-year old terrier mix recently started to develop pain and stiffness in her joints, and we began trying similar products to help. She hated everything we tried until we bought two bottles of the trial sized formula. She loves both the pot roast and chicken, eats it every morning. Thank you! We are getting set …

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I Have Seen Ample Difference in our Captain

Captain was having some hip troubles after playing hard at the dog park. He would whimper when climbing onto the couch or bed & sometimes even panic when you attempted to touch his back end. This would only occur for a short period of time, on & off for about a month. I finally decided …

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Seeing Toby’s Mobility Being Supported

Toby, my 10 year old Lab mix has been taking Liquid-Vet Joint for a year. Toby had been experiencing problems sitting up from lying down and jumping up onto his bed. Although the progress has been slow, Toby is definitely showing ease in accomplishing the feats that have always been so easy for him. Including, …

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She Bounces Around Just Like She Did As A Youngster

I have been using Liquid-Vet on my 12 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel and she now moves more easily, has been called a “puppy” many times at the dog park, and bounces around just like she did as a youngster. All right, so she has always been a bouncer, but it is good to see …

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Thank You For Making These Products

I love Liquid-Vet for my 4 year old Siberian Husky. It helps her maintain her joint mobility. It is easy to use & she likes it. Thank you for making these products. Cathy, Tampa, FL

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Helped My Family Of Aging Weimaraners

Dear Makers of Liquid-Vet, at one of the dog shows I picked up literature on your products and purchased it by calling the office. It was after closing and you just happened to still be there. We had a nice, informative conversation, and I decided to purchase your products at a local retailer to try …

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