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Thrilled With Her Results!

This is Ava. She just finished her first bottle and she’s thrilled with her results! She was so stiff before trying this supplement. When she would walk, her legs would almost cross. That had been going on for a couple of weeks before someone recommended your joint formula. Ava had GI upset when given her …

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You Would Never Know He Had Any Pain

I have a Black Lab (Charlie) that is about 12 -1/2 years old. For a lab he is already pushing his time limits. The last year or so have been rough on him as his hips and joints have started to weaken. When we visited the vets office we were told that all we could …

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Our Pet ABBY is Transformed!

Our pet ABBY is transformed! We’ll be buying more of this magical product! We heard from a dog owner about Liquid-Vet and how it seems to be helping her older dog’s stiffness. We thought we would try it because our dog is older and experiencing stiffness in her hips. We purchased a bottle at our local …

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