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We’re on the second bottle with our aging female cats, one is 20 and the other is 16. The 16 year old I think she was born with a hip problem. We’ve have had her on another product, but it had only minor benefits and was expensive. SO, I thought I’d try your product, nothing …

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No Hassle

Your product was recommended to me by another user who said it really made a difference in his dog. I started my 8 year old standard Poodle on it 3 weeks ago with the intent of keeping him healthy as long as possible. I really like the product, it’s very convenient putting it right over …

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Liquid-Vet Is Worth Every Penny

We have a 13-year old Shih-Tzu named Elmo. About 9 months ago, he started to limp when getting up from a nap and he avoided steps and jumping. He stopped greeting us at the door because he was so stiff. I tried a variety of treatments and none seemed to have any effect. I pretty …

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A Lot More Affordable

I have a six 1/2 year old pure breed male Rottweiler named Spike. I went to my vet’s office and she suggested to me “Bites.” I purchased these “bites” for $49.99 and because my dog weighs 130lbs.. He received approx. 4 bites a day. Spike ended up finishing the bag in a week and a …

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What a Difference!

Our (Daisy) a Saint Bernard is 11.5 years old. Our veterinarian has never seen a saint this age in this greatest health! Her hips are really getting sore for her to get up and down stairs etc. I starter her on their liquid joint care products. This is Daisy’s third bittle. What a difference! She …

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Recommend it For Any Dogs or Cats

Heidi, our Golden Retriever is eight years old. Unfortunately she has developed joint pain in her hips. At times she has great difficulty standing up or even walking after lying down for a short period of time. Through a lot of research and asking the pet store I came across your product Liquid-Vet Joint. I started using …

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