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Liquid Form is Wonderful

Just want to say thank you for you product. It’s a winner in our home because we cant get the girls to take pills or chew any meds. Because they are greedy little girls, they don’t miss meals so this liquid form is wonderful. Thank you. – Carmel M.

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New Lease on Her Life

I wanted to let you know, our elderly English Setter loves your product. She was a stray, and just showed up at our door. We have had her 13 years. She was diagnosed with multiple tumors and she had about 6 months to live. When her 6 months were up, and she was still around, …

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I Couldn’t Believe It!!!

We started using your product two years ago after our 5 year old dog, Rifle, all of a sudden could no longer walk. As is common in dachshunds, he lost all use of his back legs. We couldn’t afford $10,000 for surgery – it was heartbreaking. We were presented with the option of cage rest, …

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She Is Back To Her Cheery Self

I’m the owner of a 4 yrs old dachshund Smoke who sustained back injury earlier this year. She went from her bouncy self to hiding in her crate all the time. As days go by she started to whimper in pain, she shrivered and yelp when I try to pick her up. My vet ran …

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