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“Thank You For Producing Liquid-Vet!”

I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for producing Liquid-vet! We have a 9, almost 10 year old, Chihuahua mix and earlier this year, we found out he has slight knee dysplasia, which is why we started using your product. Another friend of ours, whose dog has arthritis had been using your products and …

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She Comes Flying Off the Bed and Sits There Waiting

Here is Lily surfing the net looking for Liquid-Vet! It’s all she can think about! Prior to her having Liquid-Vet, I noticed she walked quite slow and sometimes with a bit of a limp. My local pet store told me that because Lily is 11 years old I need to change her from adult small …

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LIQUID-VET is a Great Product!

LIQUID-VET is a great product! This was recommended to me at a pet store for my Chihuahua’s bad knees. She has been on it for about 5 month now and is doing wonderful. You can tell she is just happier and runs around like she used to. It’s easy to use and I plan to …

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Liquid-Vet Helps to Prevent Further Damage

Liquid-Vet is so easy to use no fussing with pills, measuring spoons or finding a way to get my pets to take their dose. I use Liquid-Vet as a preventative supplement for joint care. Sam is an Irish Wolfhound 18 months old, they are the tallest breed of canine. Large breed dogs are prone to …

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