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Thank You For Liquid-Vet!

“We have been feeding Kidney Support Liquid-Vet to our three cats for nearly a year now and I want to thank you for this product. Two of our cats are seniors and the little one is getting close to being a senior. They are healthy outdoor/indoor cats. Their good health I believe is in part …

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It Is Easy to Give

I have had my kitty, Layla, on the formula for 3 months and I do notice her mobility being maintained…look forward to continued support. One of the nice things is that it is easy to give to her. She likes gravy type wet food and the formula adds a “gravy” for her. She didn’t care …

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She’s Become Her Old Playful Self

Here’s our sweet Ghost, one of our beautiful Maine Coons. She’s 11 years old and being a large cat, developed joint pain a couple of years ago, and recently started to walk very stiffly. She looked like she was really laboring and wouldn’t want to walk much or jump up onto anything. After a week …

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She Has Taken Up Chasing Paper Balls Around Again

I have been using Liquid-Vet for just over 4 months. I have to say that since I started using it my 14yr old cat has been a lot more active and spry. Her joints creak a whole lot less and she isn’t as sensitive on her hind quarters. She had all but stopped playing with her …

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