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Will Continue to Buy

Truffle seems to be better than she was. Her back and tail are much better. Her tail is back to going straight up instead of dragging. I will continue to buy Liquid-Vet for her. Gail R., NS, Canada

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Running Around Like a Kitten

Here is a picture of my cat Sassy Lou, she is going on 12 years old this June. Before she was on Liquid-Vet she was limping one day so bad that she was crying, that was the first day that she started limping. I went out to Theisen’s & got a bottle of Liquid-Vet & …

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I Am So Amazed

I am so amazed. My little 18 yr old Himalayan Persian 5 lb of fluff was beginning to show her age and cold bothered her and jumping up onto her pad on my bed. I had put a chair there and she is so finicky that she only eats salmon classic cat food and NO …

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