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I have been using the Liquid Vet Itch and Allergy liquid. We call it our ‘itchy juice’ at dinner time.  Layla is my new rescue from Alabama, pictured I adopted her at 8 weeks old right off the van from down South . Now she has the most glossy, shiny coat and is so happy …

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A Long Healthy Life

Sampson is our senior dog…He is a 9 year old yellow Lab/Bullmasiff. Since he has been taking his Liquid-Vet Joint he has more energy, wants to play, and his coat is beautiful & shiny. We walk between 3-5 Kms per day….loving it. And Charli our little 3 year old 45 lb Husky/Collie mix. He is …

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The Results Have Been Fantastic

Harley had a couple of leg injuries and other problems which resulted in her gaining weight. With the extra weight and getting older, she then had joint problems. I used medicine that the Vet had through his office and thought it was a good product because it came from my vet. He had problems getting it …

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We Really Love This Product and So Does Xena and Maggie

We have Xena (8yr Bullmastiff) & Maggie (6.5yr boxer/ker). Xena’s hips were giving her issues, so we decided to buy something for joint support. We bought Liquid-Vet from our local pet store. We ended up mixing Liquid-Vet, and a tbsp of coconut oil in both dogs food 1x a day. By the end of the …

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