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I have been using the Liquid Vet Itch and Allergy liquid. We call it our ‘itchy juice’ at dinner time.  Layla is my new rescue from Alabama, pictured medium sized as red brown bull dog mix. (my pack is also Hattie Mae terrier and Elsie bull mastiff boxer!)  I adopted her at 8 weeks old right …

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It’s Easy to Use

I have recently tried this new product, I have a young pit bull, American bulldog mix that has hip pain. I am already seeing how it’s making him feel better. I have 5 dogs so they all are now taking this. It’s easy to use. I would recommend this product for all dog breeds. Carolyn …

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Runs & Jumps Like She’s a Puppy

Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love this joint product. I have an 80 lb 3 year old bull dog with a floating knee cap. There were days before when she couldn’t get around and wouldn’t put pressure on that leg. Since giving her this liquid, she runs and jumps like she’s a …

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Liquid-Vet is a Miracle in a Bottle!

My senior bulldog, Maggie had difficulties using the stairs because of soreness in her joints and she also had a slight limp. I tried Liquid-Vet as a last ditch effort before having to put her on medication. My expectations were not very high, but after a week of being on the product, I was shocked …

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Mylo is So Much Happier

I own an 8 year-old, 130lb American bulldog named Mylo. He hasn’t been playing much & I know how important glucosamine is for large dog’s joints, but we could never afford it. We came across your product at Fleetfarm, compared the ingredients & discovered it was a perfect match! After one month of using your …

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We tried a joint supplement from my vet for a dog we had just rescued for approximately 2 weeks and it did not seem to do anything. We were about to give up on even trying a supplement but while at my local pet store I came across your product and decided to try it. WOW! …

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