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Giving Us Our Baby Back

Thank you for your product as it has worked wonders on my Black Lab Chance who was suffering from joint problems. Since giving him your product, he has been able to enjoy running and retrieving again. We can’t thank you enough for giving us our baby back. Francis L., Goose Creek, SC

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Liquid-Vet Has Been a Godsend

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know Liquid-Vet has been a godsend for my 9.5 year old black lab. Luna is a service dog and has put in many, many hours helping. She has always had her doggie time as well and used to love her three hour hikes in …

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This is Shadow. As you can see, he is a big black lab. As he has approached 10 years of age, his size has been a challenge for him with his hip joints and general stiffness. We have tried a couple of different supplements with him with not much success. Because we take liquid vitamins …

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It Has Worked Wonders!

I have an 8 year old black lab who has been slowing down a bit in the last year or so. I stumbled on your product online, and with the great reviews gave it a try. It has worked wonders! Stevie T., Niagara Falls, ON

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You Would Never Know He Had Any Pain

I have a Black Lab (Charlie) that is about 12 -1/2 years old. For a lab he is already pushing his time limits. The last year or so have been rough on him as his hips and joints have started to weaken. When we visited the vets office we were told that all we could …

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After 3 Weeks of Liquid-Vet…

Thank you for your product. My 10 year-old lab mutt Lily was suddenly and quickly becoming lame in her hind legs. After $800+ in vet bills and meds that seemed to worsen her condition and nothing but a referral to a specialist; I decided to try your product which a couple of neighborhood dog walkers …

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He Had His Mojo Back

My black lab, Mojo had been suffering from joint stiffness. I had taken him to the vet and a prescription was given for medication to alleviate it. Although it helped, it really made Mojo tired and just not himself. I saw your product, Liquid-Vet Holistic Joint formula on the shelf of my local pet food store …

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Hope That It Stays on the Shelf

This product has helped our 12 year old black lab, Buddy, be able to play and go on long walks without being in pain. He used to avoid running and jumping but now he willingly chases our younger puppy around the yard playfully. We are very thankful for all this product has done for Buddy …

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Liquid-Vet Has Brought Kula Renewed Spring in Her Step

This is Kula. She is our awesome 12 year old black lab that loves and lives for hiking, outdoor adventures and going to work with us. She is always ready to go no matter the time of day or night. This past year she was showing signs of pain and weakness in her hind legs. …

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