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Back to Being our Fun Loving Active Dog

I’d like to introduce you to my 9 year old Westie named Mojo. He’s always been an active dog – daily walks, special “puppy days” in the bush, ice fishing at the lake in winter – but about a year ago, he started having hip problems. My vet x-rayed and tested him and told me …

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Liquid-Vet Has Been Amazing

Huey was limping and not interested in playing much. Liquid-Vet has been amazing. He is “interested” and walking without a limp. Playing and is much happier. I recommend it to a friend for her golden (Tucker). I know Tucker will do well. Thank you for this wonderful product. Nancy M., Keene, NH

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Happy Again

I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I really like your product. We have a 4yr old Chocolate Lab and last year we took her in to the vet because she could hardly walk. The vet obviously gave us meds and pills and stuff but who can really afford to keep …

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Love the Taste!

I have two 13yo girls and Liquid-Vet keeps them moving!! Whether it’s jumping in and out of the boat, running on the farm, or helping with the harvest, the girls are much more agile and less sore since I started using Liquid-Vet!! They love the taste! Jordyn G., Indianapolis, IN

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Limping After Too Much Squirrel Chasing

I want to let you know how well my 2 dogs are doing on the liquid-vet (chicken flavour) . My 13 year old golden is moving much better, actually trotting and short runs when off lead. My extremely active 4 year old Airedale was often limping after too much squirrel chasing. She is seldom sore …

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Much Better Than He Was

This is my dog Bear. He was a super active and super guard dog…he keeps everything and anything out of our yard. Last year he developed a limp on a hind leg. Since winter was on the way I took him to the vet to have it checked out. I was told he needed a …

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Happily Laps Up This Stuff

I am 3 weeks in to the bottle of Liquid-Vet Joint supplement. First off yours is the only I could find that was not beef flavored. My 8 year old dog Kali is allergic to beef, so I was fighting with her to get the non flavored pills into her. She happily laps up this …

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She Wants to Play All the Time

This poor girl has hip problems. Trying to chase her ball even a few times left her in so much stiffness that when she tried to walk the next day she would walk on her front feet doing her best to keep the back ones from touching the floor even after meds. Sif’s been on Liquid-Vet for …

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