why liquid-vet?

She Was Better In No Time!

She Was Better In No Time!

Marty was diagnosed with a calcified spine. She was in so much pain, she couldn’t jump up to the sofa. Even when she went outside to do her business she would yelp in pain. I had put her on prescription drugs and that seemed to be ok but caused other side effects. So I came across your product at my local pet store, it seemed to make a difference that I didn’t need to give Marty drugs anymore. So after taking the Liquid-Vet for a couple of months I ran out and thought” She seems good now.”

In about one week Marty was starting to yelp again and not jumping up on the sofa. So I went and purchased more and she was better in no time! So now I use it every day and tell all my friends. My girlfriend in Winnipeg was visiting and she is looking for a place to purchase it too.

Sonya S.
Surrey, BC

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