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She Started to Eat Again

My 14 yr old cat, Hannah, had made a jump landing too hard for her. Unbeknownst to my family and I, it had led to the development of a bone spur in the joint where her hind left leg met with her pelvis. We had no idea why she had begun to cry and howl, hiss at those who tried to touch her, and hide behind the furniture. Thinking the worst of it, I took her to the vet’s office, where she was sedated and x-rayed. We were told that she had both arthritis and a bone spur. The vet prescribed us with another supplement which dulled her pain only on the first day. Simultaneously, her appetite waned. Eventually, it came to the point where we could not get her to take it and she had also ceased to eat, drink, or sleep at all.

I then found your formula and unlike with the other supplement, Hannah took it. She took it repeatedly. She started to eat again. In a little over two months, Hannah has gone from hiding behind the furniture and sleeping upright with her back to the corner (it was more nodding off every five minutes for maybe two minutes, the entire day, every day) to curling up in the chair next to someone, sleeping soundly, and eating as voraciously as she had before the entire bone spur incident. We’ve watched her in the backyard, sprinting across the lawn and rolling in the dirt- something we hadn’t thought we would see again in her lifetime.

Your Liquid-Vet Joint Care Formula has helped her more than any veterinary-prescribed medical painkiller had. We will happily continue to purchase this brand for the remainder of Hannah’s natural life and beyond, into the lives of the cats we will own in the future. Thank you so much for making your products available even up here in Canada.

Westbank, BC

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