why liquid-vet?


How are you doing? I’m emailing with such great news! I cannot Thank you enough for this product you make. My very large American Bully has been on a diet as of the last 6 months. She was weighing in at a whopping 97lbs at her largest weight. I was very worried as she has had complete knee replacement a few years ago. Let me go back a little. She’s a rescue, her name is Sissy & she’s roughly 5+ years old. So although dieting at this point she wasn’t losing weight because of arthritis and achy joints. We were barely two thirds through our 1st bottle and noticed such a huge difference. She couldn’t get up on the bed or couch like she used to until this miracle medicine. And she loves the taste! I’m a fan a will be a customer long into the future. Me and my furkid thank you.

-David B.

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