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She Is Back To Her Cheery Self

She Is Back To Her Cheery Self

I’m the owner of a 4 yrs old dachshund Smoke who sustained back injury earlier this year. She went from her bouncy self to hiding in her crate all the time. As days go by she started to whimper in pain, she shrivered and yelp when I try to pick her up. My vet ran various tests, put her on antibiotics, suggested surgery and even the option of putting her down. I don’t want to give up on Smokes knowing there must be another way. My breeder told me about this dachshund owner forum. In there someone suggested trying the crate rest therapy and daily dose of Liquid-Vet by COOL PET Holistics. I followed these instructions along with anti-inflammation meds and pain killers for Smokes, I witness a gradual change in her mobility. As the weeks go by she stops whimpering and shivering, she is slowly able to walk a little faster. When the pain medication was finished I kept her on the Liquid-Vet. Today she is back to her cheery self, huge thanks to Liquid-Vet! I even told my vet about it. This product will continue to be a vital part of her diet. Thank you Liquid-Vet!


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