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She Can Now Walk on All Four Legs

She Can Now Walk on All Four Legs

Less than two years ago, I rescued a pitbull. She was on death row in NY city and I was sitting on a beach in Maryland. I came across her picture on Facebook & could not let her be destroyed. It has been a very expensive journey with Kona, I call her my “million dollar puppy.” She came with a whole lot of issues. Kona loves chasing squirrels, which led her to her leg injury. She was not able to put pressure on her back paw. I researched & read reviews, that is when I came across Liquid-Vet. Today, she can now walk on all four legs. Also, her coat is shiny. Kudos to your product & hooray it it is made in the USA!!!!!! Please don’t ever shut your doors, for Kona needs your product.

Karen R.,
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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